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Other products by Clothier to the King
Other products by Clothier to the King
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About This Product 

Lansky Bros. and Res Ispa collaboration featuring our exclusive TCB shoes. "Taking Care of Business" just got a lot easier in these midnight suede and gold embroidered smoking shoes.  Each pair is made from high-quality midnight suede and gold embroidery, features leather lining, and a stacked leather heel. You might expect us to tell you that these shoes are comfortable--but don't just take our word for it. You will be amazed at how comfortable these loafers are.

TCB is Elvis' favorite logo and all of his inner circle friends had necklaces with "TCB" on them. This stands for Taking Care of Business. The lightening bolt was his signature symbol. Elvis even had this logo emblazoned on his airplane/The Lisa Marie. For his lady friends he had necklaces made for them with "TLC" meaning Tender Loving Care. 

Clothier to the King also has socks, shoes, hats, t-shirts and polos all with this signature logo so everyone can channel their inner Elvis and feel included in his "Memphis Mafia".