elvis on his wardrobe:

To everyone who asked where he got his clothes, Elvis told them ‘At Lansky’s on Beale!’

“...You must have quite a store! Especially if Elvis gets some of his clothes there”

When the voice said "Sleep warm Elvis" I couldn't keep the tears...
"your tribute to Elvis was one of the most moving moments..."
"No one in the world could stand with you two on the respect you have shown on [the occasion of] Elvis' death."
"Please send me your $4.95 shirts like Elvis wears..."
"I have read in magazines that Elvis Presley buys his sportshirts in Lanskys..."
"Behind a rifle or behind a gun, Elvis Presley is a star..."
"I have named my beloved predigee German Shepherd dog 'Lansky' after your store!"
VINTAGE AD: It's a mod, mod, mod, mod, mod world at Lansky's
VINTAGE AD: The high-boy collar
VINTAGE AD: The Carnaby Look is In!
VINTAGE AD: Gentlemen—It's time to switch to a totally new dimenson in continential styling...
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